Such dunces II

In an earlier post we commented on the fact that Thaksin Shinawatra seems to cause the most senior in the junta to become sillier than usual.

All Thaksin has to do is criticize the junta and its determination to hold on to power and the brass gets even more flustered than usual.

In our earlier post we pointed to General Prawit Wongsuwan. Today, the cast of clowns includes Minister of Foreign Affairs Don Pramudwinai  and The Dictator himself.

The Khaosod refers to Don’s frustration with the media reporting Thaksin. Reporting Thaksin apparently “distracts people away from important issues in the country.” We guess he doesn’t mean democracy, the junta’s illegal coup or its desire to stay in power.

Don declares that the media should not report Thaksin while ignoring “his” junta: “Our good issues should be presented…. I’m saying that you should present good issues so the people will know about them.” We guess he doesn’t mean things like repressing political opponents, locking up dozens for lese majeste and throwing villagers off their land.

Interestingly, the report refers to General Prayuth Chan-ocha and how Thaksin has pushed him to further delusions and lies, just like General Prawit:

What made this country a country is the law. Everyone stays under the same laws. There’s no discrimination, who’s rich, who’s poor, who’s tall or short, who’s black or white, they are all under the same laws….

Every single person in Thailand and all those with even a smidgen of interest in Thailand knows this is one very large pile of horse manure. The law in Thailand, including those who selectively enforce it, is both politicized and biased against minorities and the poor.

The Dictator then decides to be completely fraudulent by declaring: “Even … the King stays under the constitution.” Delusional, perhaps. A lie, certainly.

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