Prawit’s idea for military domination

PPT has posted several times on the recent outspokenness of General Prawit Wongsuwan, the tubby 70 year-old deputy premier and skilled manipulator of intra-military politics.

He has been clearest on the military junta’s current plan for extending its control of politics into the future.

The Nation reports that Prawit has declared the plan for a fully selected/appointed senate that allows the military, including the junta, to manage politics, even if an election takes place.

Prawit said this was “his idea” and was for:

…the senators [to] help work on a national strategy, especially on strategic reform work during the transition. He said he proposed the idea because he feared things would not go as strategically planned, including the reform to help move the country forward.

We do not think he is lying. He is, however, being careful with the truth. What he means it that the military and its political allies will control Thailand’s politics through a senate that will not allow a government to rule in its own right, even if it wins an election.

This is clear in the report:

The deputy prime minister did not rule out the selection of NCPO members as senators, saying details needed to be worked out further. Prawit said there should be a senator selection committee to help pick these people and this should cover all professions.

Now the junta sits back to see the reaction. If it is “manageable” expect “Prawit’s idea” to progress and for Thailand to regress.


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