No debate on draft charter I

As the military dictatorship works on ways to force a Yes vote on its referendum for a charter that almost no one likes or wants, it changes rules, jails and threatens opponents and continues to prevent discussion of the charter. We will post more on some of these efforts, all mostly led by General Prawit Wongsuwan.

On the effort to prevent discussion of the draft charter, the  Bangkok Post reports that Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam has declared that there shall be no “[c]ampaigns against the draft constitution.” He says they “will be banned except in debates held by the Election Commission…”.VOTE NO

Military boot licker Wissanu warns and threatens: “Organisers will hold such debates at their own risks. We have several laws to deal with them such as the laws on defamation and public assembly…”.

Just to be sure that the contents of the draft charter remain opaque and largely unknown, Wissanu discloses that the junta has ditched the “requirement that copies of the draft be sent to at least 80% of voters…”. Instead, the junta’s Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) is to “publish a handbook with easy-to-understand infographics to be handed out and put on websites and in advertisements and announcements.”

In other words, a comic book will be the main source of information on the military dictatorship’s constitution. Under the threat of jail, citizens may read the comic book but may not discuss it in public.


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