Don’t hold your breath III

A few days ago Khaosod reported small group who “stoically push on, deliberating what should be amended in nearly every article of law proposed for the kingdom’s future. While they could almost be mistaken for members of the junta-appointed Constitution Drafting Committee, they are not.”


An earlier photo from a Chulalongkorn University seminar with students displaying their opposition to the junta-sponsored draft charter

They are described as “shadow framers,” who believe “their parallel process of deliberation is one they are duty-bound to complete and essential to a functioning democracy.”

Lawyer Somchai Homlaor says: “I don’t have any hope that what we propose will have any impact on them…”.

They are suggesting improvements to the flawed and dictatorial draft. Some of them believe that “all is not lost.” Don’t hold your breath.

What about the idea of a people’s constitution, actually drawn up by real people rather than junta stooges?

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