Mad for the monarchy

About a week or so ago, PPT posted about US Ambassador Glyn Davies is still relatively new in Thailand and on Wednesday gave and his first talk at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand.

Davies expressed concern about “the lengthy and unprecedented prison sentences handed down by Thai military courts against civilians for violating the lese majeste law…”. He added that “[n]o one should be jailed for peacefully expressing their opinion…”.

We said that the military dictatorship and rabid royalists would be unhappy, and they were. We predicted that the madder royalists would protest, and they did.

We did not expect that one of them would seek to bring a lese majeste charge against both the ambassador and the FCCT. Prachatai reports that “[a]n ultra-royalist has urged the police to investigate the US Ambassador … saying the police should proceed if the criticism breaches the law.”

Sonthiya Sawasdee is reported to be “a representative of a political group called the Federation to Monitor the Thai State,” and “filed a complaint … with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD).” The mad monarchist declared that Article 112 and the criminal defamation law be used against the ambassador and the FCCT.

He declared that the “FCCT event might have had a ‘hidden agenda’…”.

The more this ridiculous mad monarchism goes on the more damage that is done to Thailand.

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