Business is business

General Somyos Pumpanmuang has been retired as police chief for less than a day.

The Nation reports that Somyos stated: “After this day I will be a civilian. I might start businesses or invest with my friends, such as in land development, real estate, restaurants, as well as other activities that make life worthwhile…”.

PPT doesn’t understand this statement. We are bemused because Somyos has been a businessman and “investor” for several years. For a time he was a board member of the parent company of the gold mining firm that has clashed with locals.

SomyosWe doubt it is an “accident” that the National Anti-Corruption Commission has announced an investigation into a gold mining firm one day after Somyos stepped down.

Somyot is said to have “served 42 years in the force, starting as a senior reserved position at the Royal Police Cadet Academy in 1974 and was promoted to major-general in 1978.” That means that he has managed to accumulate about 9 million baht per year of service.

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