6 October and the military coup

The military dictatorship would prefer that no one remember the massacre that was unleashed in the name of the monarchy on 6 October 1976. It would prefer that the crushing of a fragile democracy not be remembered.

Oct 6Perhaps it would prefer that the long period of military domination and tutelage from 1976 to 1988 be remembered, for it seems to have a similar plan for 21st century Thailand.

Those who remember:

Kong Rithdee at the Bangkok Post

Kem Issara at Prachatai

Financial Times video (This is well worth viewing: “As Thailand’s military government continues to detain its critics, some Thais are commemorating students killed at Thammasat university on October 6, 1976. Michael Peel meets witnesses to the massacre.”)

Another video remembering the terror:

student-6oct1Prachatai on photos of 6 October

The Guardian on a brutal Thai coup

Wikipedia on 6 October massacre

Pokpong Lawansiri on demystifying and remembering

Puey Ungpakorn on 6 October (opens a PDF)

PPT’s 2013 remembrance

PPT’s 2012 remembrance and another here

PPT’s 2011 remembrance

PPT’s 2010 remembrance

PPT’s 2009 remembrance



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