Difference I

It does seem that having a democratically-elected government and prime minister in Thailand makes a difference.

A few days ago, PPT commented that the Englishman in former premier Abhisit Vejjajiva must have been sour that the British queen met the sister of the man his administration cast as a disloyal republican and slapped with a record number of lese majeste charges. In the same post, we commented that ultra-royalists were busy trying to downplay the significance of the visit by U.S. President Obama.

The picture of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in front of No. 10 must be driving the royalists crazy.

Worse for them, Yingluck’s government appears to be developing important policy: “Thailand and the United Kingdom have agreed to establish a new mechanism for high-level bilateral discussions to boost cooperation in various dimensions in the future…”. It is reported that the two prime ministers “agreed to intensify efforts to elevate the already excellent state of their relations to an even higher level.”

When the ever-so-English Abhisit went to Europe and Britain, not only did he sometimes appear groveling, but he was also dogged by questions regarding his accession to power and the legitimacy of his regime.

It is interesting that the royalist posterior polishing of associated with former U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyce and U.K. Ambassador Quinton Quayle increasingly seem like ancient relics. Of course, relics of the past can still be found, but their polishing does appear somewhat less enthusiastic.


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