The question of succession

For readers who haven’t seen it yet, Andrew MacGregor Marshall at Zen Journalist has the beginnings of a long account of the issues, laws and players associated with succession. With the king having finally made a recent appearance, in matching jackets with Thong Daeng and the queen still out of sight, the succession issue is on many minds, in the palace, business circles, amongst politicians and at the top of the military’s to-do list.

We should note that PPT does not agree with the claim that “the contested succession is the key to making sense of the chronic instability and recurrent confrontations that have plagued Thailand over the past decade.” We think that the rise of the crown prince to the kingship is a given. However, we do think that there will be all kinds of shenanigans that might derail the process in any number of ways. More importantly, we think that attributing even much of the instability to succession is to ignore everything else that has been changing Thailand for more than a decade.

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