Blue diamonds

This is PPT’s weekend post that  we hope is kind of serious but also draws a bit of a laugh. Other reactions are also possible. It comes early this week.

A reader pointed out this official government page and a new emblem designed for Queen Sirikit’s 80th birthday.

Readers will no doubt notice the use of blue gems for the stylized 80 (in Thai numerals) at the bottom of the logo? Many will see a significance in this that may not have been intended by those who put the design together. readers may recall the Wikileaks cable that mentioned the “curse of the blue diamond” and concluded:

Although Thai authorities recovered some of the stolen jewelry, the package returned to Saudi Arabia in March 1990 contained a number of pieces that proved to be fake, including the Blue Diamond. According to the MFA, about 50 percent of the jewels were recovered and returned to the Saudi royal family; some media reports say that as much as 80 percent of the returned jewelry was fake. Soon after the incident, some wives of Thai elites, particularly police commissioners and generals, were photographed wearing jewelry strongly resembling the stolen Saudi jewels at various official or high-society events. While the Blue Diamond itself had been spotted several times on the wife of a police general in the 1990s, since the 2006 coup a number of anti-monarchy web boards and activists have alleged that the most recent sighting of the Blue Diamond was on Queen Sirikit….

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