Abhisit and his political use of the monarchy

It seems that Abhisit Vejjajiva, leader of the Democrat Party, believes that the Thai people are fools and ignorant. This can be the only conclusion drawn from his recent comments on the monarchy.

Royalist Abhisit Vejjajiva

At the Bangkok Post the former premier is quoted as saying that:

National reconciliation can be achieved if the monarchy is left out of conflicts…. The reconciliation process can get going only if the institution of the monarchy is left untouched and is not dragged into conflicts….

Interestingly, presumably still speaking of the monarchy, he says: “Anything that will trigger conflict should put on the back burner…”.

Abhisit treats the electorate with disdain. Of course, that is not unusual for this elitist-educated and demonstrably disingenuous leader of a party that has no capacity for attracting widespread political support.

PPT notes that the monarchy is a source of conflict because of its political interventionism over many years and its failure to embrace democratization. In that context, it has been Abhisit and his so-called Democrat Party, together with the military, have done more than any other political group in decades to grab and use the throne for political gain.

It was the Democrat Party-led government of 2008-11 that used lese majeste and computer crimes laws with gay abandon, accusing, charging and jailing more people than any previous government.

Today, it is still the yellow-hued spokespersons for the Democrat Party that shout the loudest on claims of disloyalty to the monarchy and lese majeste. One of them is a self-proclaimed hunter and vigilantist on the monarchy and lese majesty. Other Democrat Party officials and Abhisit too have embraced the ultra-royalist People’s Alliance for Democracy.  Another Democrat Party spokesperson Chavanond Intarakomalyasut froths and foams in support of the draconian lese majeste law and attacks political opponents as “disloyal.” Abhisit himself used the monarchy for his last election rally call for support in July 2011.

We could go on and on. That is unnecessary as the Democrat Party and its leadership are shown to be not just disingenuous and regular political users of the monarchy. More importantly, Abhisit is shown to treat the people as a bunch of fools and thinks he can get away with it.

This is not a new phenomenon. The Democrat Party was formed as a party meant to project the monarchy politically, and has done so in reprehensible ways since its formation.

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