Several of the mainstream newspapers, including both major English-language newspapers, have become critical of the constitutional drafting process. At The Nation it is pointed out that the “international community remains sceptical of the Thai government’s claims of democratic reform…”. We understand the point: Falsehoods won’t help Thailand salvage an international reputation badly tarnished by undemocratic […]

A local press report in Michigan has alerted PPT to another foray into U.S. academia by royalist interests. It is recalled that last August, it was reported that, as “human rights in Thailand deteriorate under a military junta, Harvard is collaborating with key supporters of the recent coup to create a permanent Thai Studies program […]

PPT has routinely referred to General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the man who directed murderous attacks against citizens in 2010, who mutinied against the legal government in 2014, led an illegal coup and is responsible for a widespread repression of political opponents, as The Dictator. We fear that that description, while calling a spade a spade, is […]

This open letter is widely available, as it should be. We reproduce it here as a matter of record, where some of the world’s leading scholars and many of the new generation of scholars, including those who research and write on Thailand, express strong support for academic freedom and for Dr. Somsak Jeamteerasakul, cruelly sacked […]

The Bangkok Post has reproduced a list of the 70 members of the puppet National Legislative Assembly who have hired relatives to “work” with them at taxpayers expense, ranging from about 15,000 baht to 24,000 baht per month each. That’s around 17-18 million baht a year, not including per diems, travel and other perks. This […]

Readers will have noticed the attacks on southern farmers in recent times, including, some say, four assassinations between 2010 and 2015, with the latest death being Chai Bunthonglek. We have been looking for an opportunity to post regarding the Southern Peasants Federation of Thailand (SPFT). In amongst all of the mad monarchism of recent days […]

Under the royalist military dictatorship, things monarchical just get madder by the minute. Any reasonable person who heard a claim by a General that and event that could “lead to an overthrow of the regime of democracy with the King As Head of State or affects the national security, peace and order, and good morality […]


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