The Nation reports that a “military court has ordered the woman accused of starting the rumour about Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha transferring his money abroad to report on August 14 after it renewed her bail yesterday.” This refers to Rinda “Lin” Parichabutr or Paruechabut, said to be a red-shirt supporter who spread a rumor […]

We could say that truckloads of taxpayer funds are again being wasted on royalist trivia. The problem is that these truckloads of money would be lucky to move around Bangkok as the military regime closes many road for the Bike for Mum propaganda exercise. As reported at Coconuts Bangkok, the regime reckons “40,000 cyclists [were] […]

Much of the media commentary about Suthep Thaugsuban leaving the monkhood has been about his declaration that he will no longer be involved in politics. Suthep entered the monkhood not that long after the coup, as a kind of political exile, and after a couple of slaps from the military dictatorship on commentary he made […]

PPT has had several posts over a number of years on royalist-inspired efforts to roll back the Thaksin Shinawatra universal health care program. We have mentioned independent assessments of the success of that program and a short paper at East Asia Forum that assesses some of the recent politicking over the scheme. More recently, we […]

Pravit Rojanaphruk has an inspiring story at The Nation on the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), described as “a cohesive gathering dedicated to helping those whose views and actions pit them against military might.” TLHR was formed after the 2014 military coup when it became clear that there was a desperate “need for legal […]

It has become increasingly common for the judiciary to “protect” itself. This “protection” appears to have originated as the red shirt movement developed and became critical of the obvious double standards displayed by the judiciary following the 2006 palace-military coup. The judiciary has been manipulated to become an important arm of the royalist elite in […]

Almost a week ago, The Nation had an editorial and the hunt for those who have committed lese majeste. It has been picked up by The China Post. For those used to the anti-democrat sway of The Nation, this editorial is a bit different, although it is in the form of advice to the military […]


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