The Bangkok Post reports on yet another of The Dictator’s television broadsides on Thai society, its politics and his view of “problems.” In this one, as well as a string of other things, self-appointed premier General Prayuth Chan-ocha had words for the Dao Din students. He stated, “I will not reprimand or blame them for […]

We are sure that quite a few readers will have seen the Khaosod report on People’s Alliance for Democracy and People’s Democratic Reform Committee coordinator Supot Piriyakiatsakul being chased by the military for allegedly supporting the Dao Din students of the Neo-Democracy Movement. According to Supot, a group of soldiers arrived at his home “in […]

Sulak Sivaraksa has a long history of confrontation with military regimes and, not unrelated, being handed lese majeste charges. Sulak is a self-professed royalist who has faced at least five lese majeste charges. He is a long-time conservative critic of the lese majeste law and of this king. It was reported that Sulak could face […]

The Nation will probably fix this story, but at present it appears as a strange combination of stories. Or perhaps Prem was found in a hole? In politics he’s been more a road block to anything progressive and democratic rather than a sink hole. We are sure that readers will be grateful for the report. […]

The mainstream media has reported the students of the Neo-Democracy Movement, yet it has been incomplete. It has been Prachatai, especially in its Thai reporting but also in its English-language coverage, that has been attempting to comprehensively report student and other opposition to the military coup and the junta. Perhaps this is why Prachatai is […]

We have previously wondered whether the military dictatorship and its mouthpieces are delusional or are such experienced liars that they are now unable to distinguish between fact and fiction. A number of days ago there was a report at The Nation that we wanted to comment on, but with all of the other events taking […]

As most PPT readers know, General Prayuth Chan-ocha bears considerable responsibility for the murder of protesters by his soldiers in April and May 2010. Because of elite agreements and the impunity long enjoyed by murderous soldiers, he is unlikely to ever face a court for his crimes. There are other ways to kill people that […]


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