Late on Friday, the junta’s police declared that there were no “unusual signs of political movements to stir public disturbances on the anniversary of the 1932 Siamese Revolution…”. What they mean is that there ban on gathering at the site of the stolen 1932 plaque was holding, so far. No one in the royalist elite […]

The 24th of June is an important day. On that day in 1932 the People‚Äôs Party (khana ratsadon) executed its well-planned Revolution. It was the first time that Thais overthrew royal power. It is an important day for those who have long struggled to establish parliamentary democracy in the country. It is also important for […]

A few days ago, Prachatai reported on another case of a soldier’s death while training. This kind of report is common as military officers sanction hazing, torture and repeated beatings of recruits and lower ranks. This case is about “a soldier who allegedly died from ill-treatment during military training….”. Sub Lt Sanan Thongdinok “drowned to […]

We are pleased that Prachatai has reported yesterday’s demonstration at Rajaprasong in support for Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa. This protest marked six months since the military dictatorship singled him out for a bogus lese majeste charge. Prachatai reported that “Democracy lovers gathered to demand” Pai’s release. While the cops monitored the event, it went on for almost […]

While we have long said that The Dictator craved being in power for longer and longer, it is useful when our perspective is confirmed, even if that confirmation appears to have been loose blabbing by a general who forgot he’s supposed to keep this quiet. The blabber was 2nd Army Region commander Lt Gen Wichai […]

The National Legislative Assembly is a puppet assembly established by the military junta to do its work. The members are a bunch of junta lackeys, mostly from the armed forces, putting money in their bank accounts. Their voting behavior is that of Japanese cats. This voting pattern was seen when the junta’s planning for military […]

The Dictator often has tantrums, likes being heard, shouts other down and bullies others. If those sounds a bit like a schoolyard bully, then you are getting an idea about General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s psychological disposition. Of course, he’s far more dangerous than your average school bully, having control of a huge gang of thugs (the […]