The military massacre of 6 October 1976 should never be forgotten for its brutality in “protecting” the monarchy and using royalist gangs to murder. This picture is of a Thai Rath front page of events in Bangkok on 6 October 1976. Readers are reminded of articles about this tragic event that we have on our […]

A few days ago the conservative U.S. commentator Doug Bandow had an op-ed at The Japan Times, criticizing the military dictatorship in Thailand. A couple of excerpts give the idea of what the op-ed says: Thailand long has been the land of smiles, a friendly, informal place equally hospitable to backpackers and businessmen. But politics […]

The military dictatorship is prickly. It hates all and any criticism. Usually, this prickliness and intolerance has been justified in terms of national security. Lese majeste is defined not just as a “defamation” but as an act against national security. Protests threaten security. And so it goes on. Apparently, the threats to national security now […]

Every dictator is overcome by the words of sycophants and assorted hanger-on. Politicians have spin doctors so that the best can be made of the uncomfortable. General Prayuth Chan-ocha hs liked to speak for himself, often appearing angry, testy, short-tempered and ignorant. In recent posts, PPT has wondered whether The Dictator is delusional or an […]

Sports stars often claim they are ignorant of “politics.” They may be, although we doubt the claim when it comes to highly-ranked players who travel the world with entourages of managers, coaches, advisers and other minions. Some are outspoken, like Novak Djokovic who has proclaimed that he is a Serbian nationalist, while others like Rafael […]

Thai PBS reported some time ago, and we missed it until a reader alerted us, that People’s Alliance for Democracy boss Sondhi Limthongkul was convicted of “defaming the Shinawatra and Damapong families over tax avoidances [sic.] in share purchases in 2006.” As would be expected under the royalist military dictatorship, he was “sentenced to a […]

Not that long ago, a New York Times story had it that the taxpayer under the military dictatorship was forking out $540 million on promoting and protecting the monarchy, massively increased from the already enormous $350 million of 2013. That’s in addition to any deals done with individual royals, the Crown Property Bureau and any […]


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