PPT pays only limited attention to US domestic politics. However, when there are links to Thailand’s politics we get interested. Over the past couple of weeks, US presidential candidate Donald Trump has been getting some attention for his links to Alex Jones. As one of the many Jones-linked websites has it, the “mainstream media is […]

Fifteen, mostly elderly, allegedly “communist”/”secret society” members and allegedly “conspirators” against the military dictatorship have been released on bail. Their lawyer stated that “the Bangkok Military Curt had granted bail for his clients with a surety of 100,000 baht each.” It seems that these “dangerous” conspirators, originally accused by the regime of having been responsible […]

As has been clear for a couple of years, the military junta wants to retain political control well after any “election” that it decides to hold under its rules and when it decides an “election” can deliver a pro-royal and pro-military government. In part, the charter and the “referendum” were about getting the right “rules” […]

The Geneva-based Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has issues a media statement on Thailand (again). Here it is in full: 19 August 2016 – The United Nations human rights arm today expressed concern about the mounting constraints on the democratic space in Thailand – calling for a prompt return to […]

The junta’s “capture” of 15 or 17 “activists” it calls “communists” is another example of how fascist military regimes can “invent” and “reinvent” law when it suits their political interests and as they seek to shore up their power. Thailand’s military dictatorship has rather startlingly revived a law that belongs to earlier years centuries. It […]

Patrick Jory is senior lecturer in Southeast Asian History at the University of Queensland in Australia. He has a new short commentary at Asian Currents, which is not always widely seen. He observes that: The real aim of the draft constitution is to weaken the authority of any future elected government and to constitutionally protect […]

We at PPT have feeling that the military dictatorship has entered a period of decline. It is a “feeling” so we may well be wrong. After all, decrepit regimes can hold on for years, In the present, we discern a regime that may have engineered a referendum victory, but which is now lost in its […]


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