PPT has previously expressed reservations about a referendum on the military dictatorship’s draft constitution. The reason for this is that voting yes or no on hundreds of articles in a complicated document seems a futile exercise in constitution making. However, as Prachatai has reported, a group of “[p]oliticians, labor unionists, academics, and others [have] urged […]

Some time ago PPT posted on a group of fascists bent on cleaning Thailand of persons they deemed insufficiently royalist. The leader of these royalist fascists named his group the Rubbish Collection Organisation. It seems that The Dictator and many of his cabal have sipped from the same fascist cup. Matichon reports – only in […]

Everyone knows it yet it is still appropriate for SEAPA, the Southeast Asian Press Alliance, to say it: The big news of the year is about Thailand, and how the country turned around from having a relatively free press to being one of the most restricted in terms of media and public expression. The military […]

PPT realises that royals have to do all the ceremonial stuff in order to maintain their royalness and highness. In Thailand, they also have to do the palace networking with political allies and most especially with the military. This is why it is no surprise but deeply symbolic that the 1,168 military and police officers […]

In recent days we have posted on the draft 2015 constitution and some of the restrictions on comment that have been put in place. The military dictatorship has attempted to limit “debate” to its puppet National Reform Council. Even in this friendly space, some quite trenchant critiques have been forthcoming regarding a fundamentally flawed and […]

Several readers have asked for the location of a translation of the military dictatorship’s 2015 draft constitution. A translation done unofficially for the Office of the Council of State is available in several places for download as a 131 page PDF. The most conveniently accessed is here. There are several others, including a Japanese translation.

Over the years, PPT hasn’t said much about health in Thailand unless it has had to do with royal health as the king and queen have aged and the Royal Household has obscured and fabricated. At times we have posted on royalist-inspired efforts to roll back the Thaksin Shinawatra universal health care program. We have […]


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