Some time ago PPT raised concerns regarding the direction of the Cambodian government as it seemed more than will to deal on exchanges of political opponents seeking refuge in Thailand and vice versa. The step-by-step process of arranging exchanges of those seeking refuge in the other country has now reached an important milestone. Prachatai reports […]

The Dictator continues his electoral campaign that sees billions of baht being doled out to potential voters. In the land of the officially “stupid,” it remains unclear how much influence these huge dollops of taxpayer funds and intense junta repression and propaganda is having. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha and his minions and thugs must be angered […]

Interestingly, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has responded to a critic. Thicha Nanakorn recently called on the National Anti-Corruption Commission to get its “investigation” into the luxury watch scandal involving the Deputy Dictator. She also called on him to step down. Perhaps because Thicha is a former supporter of the junta, Prawit has responded. That response, as […]

PPT has done a bit of a search related to Cambridge Analytica, the parent company SCL Group and Thailand. The most detailed account we can find is at Investvine. We are unable to verify the claims made, but thought readers may be interested. The story begins with a claim that is at the SCL and […]

A small group of activists is keeping pressure on the Deputy Dictator. The Bangkok Post reports that “activist Thicha Nanakorn has led a fresh call for the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to lift the lid on its long-delayed investigation into the luxury watch scandal involving first Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon.” She […]

The military dictatorship’s “election” campaigning is intensifying. It is a campaign to strengthen the regime, whether it goes to an “election” or just remains in power through “election delays.” The intensity of the campaign and related action suggests a regime feeling stressed and worried about its capacity to retain power. As we have noted several […]

Justice is not a particular forte of military dictatorships. For Thailand’s variety, the emphasis is on law applied in a politicized manner and double standards, topped off with notions that the powerful should expect impunity. A particularly egregious case, extended now over a year of mostly silence and some lies, is the extrajudicial killing of […]