TIME magazine has a long story on the military’s referendum. It doesn’t say much that readers would not already know. However, it does present some views on likely outcomes. Readers may consider the view of academic Thitinan Pongsudhirak of Chulalongkorn University. He is quoted as saying: By all accounts, the referendum will be approved because […]

We have long referred to Thailand’s military as a thuggish gang. One recent story we simply didn’t get to was of Naritsarawan Kaewnopparat, who was arrested for “defaming the army through her Facebook writings. She accused the military of protecting ‘certain peoples’ in the army who were responsible for the violent murder of her uncle, […]

The military junta sees the constitutional referendum as a show of support for it, whether achieved through “popularity” or through repression. EurActive.com notes that Human Rights Watch’s Sunai Phasuk says that “[w]ith under two weeks to go to Thailand’s crucial 7 August referendum on a new constitution, supposedly paving the way to a return to […]

Thailand’s elite and the elite’s regimes keep many secrets. According to Freedom of Information Around the World 2006 (clicking downloads a 200-page PDF) the best kept secrets are royal secrets: Information that “may jeopardize the Royal Institution” cannot be disclosed. There are discretionary exemptions for information that would: jeopardize national security, international relations or national […]

We recommend a careful reading of this article by the Asian Human Rights Commission: FOR PUBLICATION AHRC-ART-041-2016 27 July, 2016 THAILAND: Structural and legal threats to free expression in referendum process By Phattranit Yaodam and Samira Saran August 7, 2016 is scheduled for the constitutional referendum by the Thai Military government and the National Council […]

The proponents of the military’s anti-democratic draft charter have engaged in dirty tricks, repression, threats, arrests and have now turned to scare tactics. Military boot licker and elite posterior polisher Meechai Ruchupan has become Nasty Clown for the junta. The Bangkok Post reports that Meechai has declared that “[t]he rejection of the draft constitution in […]

Various groups continue to ask/request/demand that the military junta allow/permit/sanction some/any open discussion of the military’s draft charter prior to the referendum. That referendum is only 11 days away…. One of the recent demands has come from the “United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, today condemned the alarmingly high […]


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