An editorial at the Bangkok Post on The Dictator begins: Politicians are bad, politicians are corrupt, politicians are the roots of all the evils that branch out across the country — this is a mantra that has been repeated so often many assume it to be a universal truth. PPT has also recently made comments […]

Readers who have accessed PPT over the past several years will know that we have little time for so-called academics who are the paid servants of military dictatorships and other anti-democrats. We have long been critical of Bowornsak Uwanno. He has been part of the hired help for elected politicians like Chatichai Choonhavan and Thaksin […]

Thailand’s anti-democrats  have long determined that the people who repeatedly elected pro-Thaksin Shinawatra parties were either bought, tricked or ignorant. There was the famous English-language sign that declared red shirts “uneducate,” as if misspelling in English made the Silom Road anti-democrats somehow better and more intelligent than those demanding an election. Now that anti-coup demonstrators […]

Yes, the case of boat people has been a human rights disgrace, repeated over decades in and around Thailand, but the horror PPT comments on today is about the military dictatorship’s “understanding” of human rights. To date, the junta has shown no particular understanding of human rights. The regime prefers to trample human rights, national […]

In an article first titled “Thaksin: 2014 Coup Makers Helped by ‘Palace Circle’,” Khaosod has been forced to censor its reporting and now headlines the article “Thaksin: 2014 Coup Makers Helped by Elites.” The new story states this: “Note to readers: This article has been edited to comply with Thailand’s lese majeste law.” In fact, […]

How does a military dictatorship “celebrate” a coup? The answer seems that it celebrates the way it began, by arresting and threatening those it sees as opponents. Prachatai reports that: military officers arrested anti-junta activists on their way to file a criminal charge against the Thai junta leader [General Prayuth Chan-ocha, The Dictator] for staging […]

It is now a year since the elected Puea Thai Party government was overthrown by the military in its second coup in eight years. In a well-planned political intervention, it threw out the military’s 2007 constitution, repressed opponents and established top-down processes and puppet bodies to embed conservative politics. iLaw has an excellent post that […]


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