Readers will recall our post on The Dictator in Russia. We mean General Prayuth Chan-ocha, not Vlad the Putin. In that post we noted dictatorial Thailand’s desire to move authoritarian Russia closer to center stage. We added that with the dictatorship looking like it will stay on for years, the relationships with other authoritarian regimes […]

Social media has been in a bit of a buzz wondering if the military junta is mellowing. After all, the posts go, didn’t the junta allow the 22 May march to the Democracy Monument? Prachatai has a story surveying the questions raised. The Straits Times writes of “mixed signals” from the junta. Our view is […]

Just a couple of days ago, PPT posted on some of the military junta’s more bizarre bans as it went to extraordinary lengths to suppress anti-coup activists. We mentioned three-finger salutes, reading books in public places and the eating of sandwiches, all seen as threatening displays of disobedience by anti-coup activists. That ridiculousness reached the […]

Less than a week ago, PPT posted on the penchant of oligarchs for football and snapping up teams that promote their interests and, if things work out, make them even more money. As everyone in the world knows, Leicester City recently collected some silverware as outsiders made good. As we noted in that earlier post, […]

The groups of aged women “demonstrating” at the US Embassy and demanding that Ambassador Glyn Davies be ousted from Thailand for commenting on lese majeste and human rights might suggest yet another junta-linked low point between the two former firm friends. Behind the huffing and puffing though the USA and other Western states are dealing […]

When the military junta seized power in 2014 it went to extraordinary lengths to suppress anti-coup activists. As the latter found political space narrowed, they took to small displays of resistance. This led to the military dictatorship banning any action that it considered subversive. It banned three-finger salutes. It banned reading books in public places. […]

Khaosod has a good report on yesterday’s protest that was held on the 2nd anniversary of the 2014 military coup, with pictures and links to video. The report states that “[s]everal hundred people marched from Thammasat University to Bangkok’s Democracy Monument…”. The march to the monument was led by the Neo-Democracy Movement. With police and […]


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