As happened under the Democrat [sic.] Party regime led by Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Internal Security Operations Command is politicized. It always has been a deeply political organization, born of counterinsurgency, but between Abhisit, then deputy ISOC commander General Prayuth Chan-ocha and the Army, in 2011, ISOC actively campaigned for the Democrat Party. Now as self-appointed […]

These are words attributed to senior junta member General Prawit Wongsuwan. Perhaps he already knows the result of the constitutional referendum. Maybe the military has all the ballots already prepared. He declares his confidence “I believe (the constitution) will pass the referendum.  Why? There are not many flaws in it. It’s hard to get a […]

We’ll keep this post short as one of the articles we point to is exceptionally long. Both articles are by quite regular commentators on Thailand’s affairs, one a journalist and the other a long-retired academic of the American variety that likes to flit between policy and academia. To the latter first. In an op-ed at […]

The festering corpse that is the draft constitution has been dead for some time, with forensic constitutionalists suggesting rigor mortis set in even before it was dead on arrival. The corpse has continued to be dismembered by the yellowed National Reform Steering Assembly. Others have pointed out its fundamental problems that make it a decidedly […]

About a week ago, PPT posted on torture as a standard operating procedure for state authorities. In that post we linked to a Prachatai report on allegations of torture and ill-treatment in the South expanding under the military dictatorship. The allegations, reported by former detainees were of being “beaten or hit with hard objects, … […]

Exactly a month ago, PPT asked: What happened to those “cheap” tanks the Thai generals ordered from the Ukraine? We can guess where the “commissions” went, but why are the current crop of generals now looking for tanks from other places? Initially, the whole idea was poo-pooed by the junta’s spokesmen. No, they said, no […]

Is the military dictatorship serious about its second draft charter or is it all an elaborate and expensive ruse to convince average people that a return to an elected government is possible? A report at the Bangkok Post suggests the latter. It says there is a “fresh proposal for an appointed Senate…”. It can hardly […]


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