As PPT has posted before, the actual date of the military junta’s rigged election remains vague and changeable. We had long bet that the “election” would likely be in May, but for a while it looked like The Dictator wanted late February 2019. In recent days, February has looked less likely, not because the junta’s […]

For quite different reasons, PPT recommends two recent stories as worthwhile reads: The first is a story at The Nation on the “cool responses and sometimes heated confrontation” that Suthep Thaugsuban is getting. The second story is at Prcahatai and concerns Nattathida Meewangpla, charged with lese majeste and being a part of a “bomb plot.” […]

On 2 February 2015, police announced the initial 6 arrests of the so-called Banpot network for lese majeste. The arrests had taken place days previously, with those arrested held incommunicado by the military. The Banpot 6 became the Banpot 8, then the Banpot 10 and Banpot 12 as the military dictatorship expanded arrests. Later, a […]

Under the military dictatorship, the National Human Rights Commission is a neutered agency. Its fall into non-independence can be traced to a series of events over the period of political conflict, but most notably its alliance with the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime in 2009-11 when stewarded by Amara Pongsapich,. Her tenure at the helm of the […]

Readers will recall the dastardly Shinawatra plot to “buy votes” with 1-page paper calendars. This was an existential threat for the junta, despite the fact that it has poured trillions of baht into “buying votes” and completely dominates the political scene. While junta thugs admitted that these terribly threatening calendars were not illegal, according to […]

The military junta seems to be recycling bad news. In a wondrous piece of nothing much new, the junta’s most token civilian Wissanu Krea-ngam is quoted in The Nation as saying that the current junta is continuing on until at least June 2019 and that the latest an election can be held is 9 May. […]

It was less than a week ago that PPT posted on Foreign Minister and junta slitherer Don Pramudwinai rejecting suggestions that the junta’s rigged election could be observed by foreigners. We considered Don’s rejection of foreign election observers as confirming the military junta’s willingness to engage in massive election fraud. Don has now rejected foreign […]