Atiya Achakulwisut at the Bangkok Post asks the obvious question: “What is the point of holding a general election when a military coup is lurking just around the corner?” Army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong making headlines by “saying another coup is possible if political unrest returns” is topic of the week, as the junta expected […]

Reflecting a developing view that the Puea Thai Party might just snatch the largest number of seats in the junta’s rigged election, Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has “urged the Election Commission (EC) to look into whether fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has control over the affairs of the Pheu Thai Party from abroad…”. The […]

As is well-known, the Palang Pracharath Party, led by a bevy of ministers-party-executives-cabinet-members-junta-minions, is a vehicle that the current military dictatorship and The Dictator hope to use to transport them to political dominance after the rigged election. The double standards implemented in an effort to ensure The Dictator’s political longevity are vast, deep and so […]

According to Wassana Nanuam at the Bangkok Post, the military under new boss Gen Apirat Kongsompong has a plan for defeating Puea Thai in an “election.” If that doesn’t work, the Army will control the new government. And, if that fails, the Army will arrange yet another military coup. That’s why he has refused “to […]

Demonstrating loyalty has been a hallmark of the monarchy for decades. Unelected politicians, all military leaders or military pawns, have demonstrated loyalty to the throne, none more obsequiously than Gen Prem Tinsulanonda. Displays of loyalty have been about defining a narrow and hierarchical politics for Thailand where the monarchy has been positioned as the keystone […]

Back in 2007, the end of the regime put in place by the junta that conducted the 2006 military coup was marked by the Computer Crimes Act. That junta-ed Thailand in the years that followed, with most of those charged with lese majeste also being charged under the computer crimes law. Of course, many others […]

This post is a bit of a catch-up. According to a VOA report a couple of days ago, the Future Forward Party was “on the verge of announcing it would defy any order from the junta that bans direct fundraising.” It challenges the junta: “We are fully aware that the NCPO can do anything, actually, to […]