In an earlier post we made comparisons between extremist political groups in the 1970s and the emergence of lese majeste extremists today. Back in the 1970s, another defining element of rightist extremism was the rise of fascist monks. Most notorious was the palace-linked monk Kittivudho Bhikkhu, who claimed that killing Communists was not a sin. […]

For those who follow succession politics, PPT felt that some of the points made in a recent article at The Atlantic on Swaziland, Africa’s last hereditary monarchy, might be of considerable comparative interest: The aged king passed away after ruling for more than six decades in one of history’s longest reigns. He fathered more than […]

Since Abhisit Vejjajiva became leader of the Democrat Party, the party has boycotted two elections, lost all the others, supported a coup and military junta, supported a gaggle of anti-democrat/anti-election groups, been hoisted into power by the military and other powerful forces, and twice shot down protesters. When in opposition, it has also trashed parliament […]

We began a post on a bizarre lese majeste trial yesterday with mention of a Khaosod story. A reader rightly points out that one aspect of the Khaosod story is not correct. This is the statement that the “number of lese majeste accusations has surged in recent weeks, as the political battle in Thailand deepens […]

As Khaosod has noted, the number of lese majeste accusations has suddenly spiked. Such spikes are usually a reliable measures of fascist and royalist efforts to control politics and increased political agitation. In all of the madness associated with these allegations and charges, by crazed monarchists and even one by some unthinking red shirts, Prachatai […]

Readers might be interested in an article and photo essay at CounterPunch by Andre Vltchek and entitled The Bangkok Protests. This bit caught our attention: And suddenly I see it! There is this huge poster proclaiming: “THAKSIN-ISM IS COMMUNISM TYRANNY”. Thaksin Shinawatra a Communist? That very business tycoon, a turbo-capitalist, whose only ‘fault’ was that […]

PPT has never heard of the “Network of Civil Servants,” but we imagine that they are yet another of the “groups” that have deeply yellow links and keep getting reincarnated with new names for a particular political purpose that usually involves anti-democratic ideas and campaigns. If we’re wrong, let us know. In any case, this […]


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