Some readers will be aware that fascist regimes have often exhibited an interest in science. More broadly, gaining the compliance and quiescence of the citizenry is the stuff of science, quackery and management studies. Nazis, the CIA and many more have tried to manipulate opponents and citizens alike. Thailand’s military has long engaged in psyops, […]

When you are a military dictatorship attempting to fix the rules of the political game so that your bosses and allies in the anti-democrats can’t be displaced, how do you do it? PPT read with considerable interest a story at The Nation which suggests one attempt being made by the puppets laboring for the military […]

University students are currently leading anti-coup activism. The military dictatorship appears to fear kids with leaflets and ideas, even if there’s only a few of them. So great is the fear that military thugs goose-step onto campuses whenever there is a whiff of independent thought. At the same time, they wonder why the deeply royalist […]

The case involving senior police, including an uncle of Srirasmi Akharapongpreecha, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn’s official consort, is widening and becoming murkier, not least because of the claim that lese majeste is one of the charges against some of those arrested. How is this case, which could be a succession issue, a political purge, a struggle […]

Nut Rungwong, known as Somsak Pakdeedech, his pen name at the Thai E-News website he oversaw, was sentenced by a military court on 24 November 2014 to nine years in jail for lese majeste. It was reported that the content leading “to the charge is an article by Ji Ungpakorn, a former Chulalongkorn University political […]

Human Rights Watch has issued a statement on the repression being used by the military dictatorships in Thailand. PPT reproduces snips from the statement: Thailand’s military government is severely repressing fundamental rights and freedoms six months after its May 22, 2014 coup. The ruling National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has shown no genuine […]

A report in Prachatai states that lese majeste prisoner Opas Charnsuksai has been refused bail for a fourth time. He was first arrested on 15 October 2014 after being accused of posting anti-coup graffiti that was also claimed to be somehow anti-monarchy. Many readers will agree that there is nothing unusual in this for lese […]


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