PPT has never heard of the “Network of Civil Servants,” but we imagine that they are yet another of the “groups” that have deeply yellow links and keep getting reincarnated with new names for a particular political purpose that usually involves anti-democratic ideas and campaigns. If we’re wrong, let us know. In any case, this […]

Rose Amornpat or “London Rose” is seen by some as an “Angel of Democracy.” Her Facebook name/page is “Chatwadee Rose Amornpat.” The petite 34 year-old Thai-born British citizen has been causing quite a stir on social media with her sometimes poetic challenges to monarchy and monarchists.* Her Facebook page is direct in its attacks on […]

In recent times there has been some debate about the nature of the decade-old political crisis in Thailand amongst commentators on social media. Some argue that the crisis is all about royal succession and a contest over that. Others argue that the crisis is better understood as a long-term political and historical struggle over the […]

That some of the armed guards associated with the protection of the leaders of the anti-democrat movement might sometimes get blasted and start blasting each other is no surprise. As Khaosod has it reported, a guard “has been shot dead after a fight broke out among the guards at their Bangkok rally site…” at Lumpini […]

Over the years, it has been remarkable how often General Prem Tinsulanonda seems to time his public appearances to coincide with forthcoming political events. PPT guesses that this is because he is involved in such events, often very deeply and therefore times his appearances for maximum public impact. We acknowledge that Songkhran is upon us, […]

Readers will find Ji Ungpakorn’s Thailand: Democratic Audit 2014 of some interest. He begins with a very obvious and important point: Thailand used to be a beacon of democracy in South-East Asia. Its democratic system was never perfect, but decades of struggle by social movements had limited the powers of the military and un-democratic elites. […]

Lese majeste is like a dangerously infectious disease. The royalists have terminal cases. Yet, as we have seen in recent years, even the Puea Thai Party can come down with this political disease. Most recently, the Bangkok Post reports, that: Pheu Thai member Singthong Buachum yesterday lodged a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division against […]


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