As PPT has been pointing out, the royalist military dictatorship is demonstrating its “loyalty” through repressing political opponents and dampening dissent through its vigorous use of the draconian lese majeste law. In this short post we want to point out two reports that also reflect on the increased lese majeste repression. The first is at […]

PPT has often posted on the abject failure of Thailand’s so-called justice system. We have also posted on the impunity enjoyed by officials – mostly in the corrupt military – who torture and murder citizens. Impunity is promoted by the failed justice system that is politicized and works in the interests of the royalist elite. […]

It might seem odd to have to defend the dictatorial military ruler of any country. After all, what the The Dictator wants, he usually gets. That often means being treated like a kind of royal, a demi-god. At the Bangkok Post, Education Minister Adm Narong Pipatanasai – there’s a reasonable chance that, like most admirals, […]

A reader who sends us a pile of material has sent us two video links over the past 3-4 days, and we felt that, even though they are separated in space and time, they tell a story of the cognative dissonance that envelopes contemporary Thailand. The first is a remarkably revealing portrait of anti-democrat Phetchompoo […]

Khaosod reports that “[j]unta-ruled Thailand failed to secure enough votes to join the United Nations Human Rights Council yesterday, losing to four other Asian nations that applied for the seats.” India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Qatar were all elected. Given that the military dictatorship doesn’t like election, this might not be considered an international travesty. However, […]

PPT isn’t really sure how much deeper and tighter the repression of the lese majeste law can get. The military dictatorship’s crude use of this form of political repression has exceeded that of the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime. That regime’s wanton use of the draconian law spurred PPT into life in 2009. Things are far worse […]

The military brass has again declared its loyalty to its boss. Why these dolts bother beats us, but there’s always a chance that one of the dopes gets sick of the dopes above him and tries to change things. But declaring loyalty means nothing for when they do decide to act, they are unlikely to […]


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