Readers will know of the recent crazy, silly and bizarre statements of various members of the military now in sweet government positions. Banding of foreign tourists, blaming murder victims for having been murdered, and more. When the rulers are served by sycophants, they believe they can do and say anything. The military brass is doubly […]

Back in 2007, the then Constitutional Tribunal, established under the authority of the military junta in 2006, decided to dissolve the Thaksin Shinawatra Thai Rak Thai Party and several other political parties. Part of the Tribunal’s decision was based not on existing law at the time of the alleged offenses, but on Announcements by the […]

According to one definition, a military dictatorship is: a form of government different from civilian dictatorship for a number of reasons: their motivations for seizing power, the institutions through which they organize their rule, and the ways in which they leave power. Often viewing itself as saving the nation from the corrupt or myopic civilian […]

When a royalist military regime is in power, the ultra-royalists are unleashed. Khaosod reports that a “group of ultra-royalists in Chiang Mai province have urged police to take action against a Facebook user who allegedly insulted the monarchy…”. They chant that “a Facebook user by the name of Roongnapha Kampichai repeatedly posted comments defaming the […]

A dictator is a “ruler who wields absolute authority. A state ruled by a dictator is called a dictatorship.” General Prayuth Chan-ocha is Thailand’s dictator. Because he is a dictator, Prayuth can pretty much do what he wants. Dictators do have advisers and puppet assemblies, yet it is The Dictator who makes decisions. These simple […]

The Bangkok Post reports that another lese majeste detainee has been shunted between jail and court. Prasit Chaisisa, a former Puea Thai MP for Surin, was paraded from prison to the court on Monday. There he “denied charges of insulting the monarchy in a case the Criminal Court scheduled to begin Feb 20.” Prasit was […]

The U.N. has seen plenty of generals show up looking uncomfortable in ill-fitting suits. Presumably the arrival of one of Thailand’s military junta, out of uniform and “defending the political takeover by its military…”, was not particularly out of the ordinary. But there must be some kind of cognitive dissonance when a General like Tanasak […]


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