One of the problems that faces “academics,” in Thailand and elsewhere, is that when they become media pundits they over-reach and write about things that aren’t based on their “comparative advantage,” which is writing about things they have actually researched. This problem becomes especially acute when some of these “academic” pundits don’t actually do any […]

Why does The Nation bother publishing dross? Why does the military dictatorship think that anyone believes ridiculous claims? We think the answer to the last question is because they are delusional autocrats. Here’s the joke: The approval rating for the government rose to 93.3 per cent after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha attended the Asia-Europe Meeting […]

Large numbers of people attended the funeral of Apiwan Wiriyachai. Apiwan was a former leader of the Puea Thai Party and of the red shirts. The military dictatorship had accused him of lese majeste. They feared his funeral as a possible stage for a red shirt protest. Update: Khaosod has a story on the funeral. […]

Some readers may recall that General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who we properly identify as The Dictator ignore the recent changes to his name’s spelling, which probably has to do with the advice of astrologers, once complained that he wasn’t running coups for the pittance he received in salary and daily allowances. As our readers know, the […]

The BBC is reporting a story on modern slavery in Thailand that is truly stunning. Watch the video report: Note that towards the end, Jonathan Head states that the Thai government – he means the military dictatorship – is inexplicably dragging its feet on the case. BBC News has now reported that the military dictatorship […]

Lese majeste is most often used to silence critics of the monarchy and other political opponents who cause fear amongst mad monarchists that their world is crumbling around them. Rarely is it used by royalists against other royalists. When it has been used in this way, it has been against Sulak Sivaraksa. We are losing […]

It is widely reported that a gang of soldiers dispatched to a Bangkok shopping mall has arrested a man identified as Opas Charnsuksai for anti-monarchy graffiti. Cleaning staff at Seacon Square claim that Opas was “seen writing anti-monarchy graffiti inside toilet stalls in several of the mall’s bathrooms.” Opas was arrested on 15 October and will […]


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