Now in jail for six years, Darunee is essentially held at the king’s pleasure. Her case is outlined here.

So far, the military dictatorship’s record as a heartless bunch of fascists. Coup, jailings, lese majeste repression and stamping on any whiff of anti-coup sentiment is the domestic record. When it comes to international matters, the junta has sucked up to other authoritarian regimes, chased tens of thousands of Cambodian workers out of the country, […]

Human Rights Watch recently released the following statement, including an update. After reproducing its report below, PPT comments on a media response: The Thai military junta should immediately revoke rights-abusing martial law powers, end censorship, and stop persecuting dissidents and critics, Human Rights Watch said today. The junta should urgently restore democratic, civilian rule. After […]

Yes, we know, they are pretty much all political cases, and we recognize that lese majeste is an essential tool in the the military dictatorship’s kitbag. The newest case amongst the junta’s swathe of political lese majeste cases involves “Pheu Thai executive and red-shirt co-leader Col Apiwan Wiriyachai for an alleged lese majeste offence committed […]

Claudio Sopranzetti is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford University All Souls College has a story at Al Jazeera on the military dictatorship’s renewed search for an anti-monarchy cabal and plot. The military junta has been on the hunt for mythical beast since the May 2014 coup. The previous royalist regime under the puerile Abhisit Vejjajiva […]

The king has approved a constitution that is said to be “interim” and which was developed for and by the military dictatorship, in a secret process. At the same time, The Leader, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has had his first public audience with the king. Prayuth reportedly “received the endorsed charter from [the king]… at an […]

At the Financial Times there’s a report on “Thailand’s scattered and demoralised opposition is seeking to regroup after a military coup in May toppled the elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra and drove some of its leading ‘red shirt’ supporters into exile.” แปลจากบทความ “Thai Opposition Regroup Abroad In Bid To Regain Power” ของหนังสือพิมพ์ไฟแนนเชี่ยล ไทมส์is available too. […]


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