PPT has already posted on The Leader’s plan to appoint a military majority to the dictatorship’s puppet assembly, to be known as the National Legislative Assembly. There we noted General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s claims that his junta “sought to maintain a balance between the powers of the interim government and those of the NCPO [the junta].” […]

Military dictatorships operate by instilling fear in the population and especially amongst those who are seen as real or potential opponents of the regime. Two recent reports on the Thai military dictatorship’s use of intimidation and fear are worth quoting some bits and pieces. The first report is in The Nation and focuses on academics […]

Sek Wannamethee is Director-General, Department of Information in the royalist-dominated Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has written to the Financial Times, presumably directed to do so by the military dictatorship. His letter is an example of the kind of propaganda peddled most vociferously during the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime. Sek states he wants “to set the […]

We knew it would happen. When the military dictatorship felt that former deputy premier Suthep Thaugsuban was not a threat (after all, he is seen as a mobilizer), they’d set him free from the charges brought against him. Suthep claims responsibility for ordering the 2010 murderous military crackdown on red shirt protesters. He worked hand-in-glove […]

It was just a few days ago that The Leader was emphatic that his fascist junta “sought to maintain a balance between the powers of the interim government and those of the NCPO [the junta].” He added that the junta “has no desire for power or personal interest…”. It turns out that General Prayuth Chan-ocha […]

John Oliver responds to royalists and the military dictatorship in Thailand (and a few other silly monarchies as well). Lese majeste is certainly stupid. Unfortunately, in Thailand, it is also a weapon in the hands of those who jail, censor and kill in the name of the monarchy (and in its interests). The orginal clip […]

About three weeks ago, PPT pointed out that the “evidence” coming from the military junta regarding “massive corruption” in the rice pledging scheme was proving, well, difficult to prove. In fact, it looked like the “massive corruption” was really nothing more than a massive beat-up by the anti-democrat leadership. The military dictatorship bought this stuff, […]


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