As PPT has noted several times, Police General Somyos Pumpanmuang has become the military dictatorship’s bully boy on lese majeste.The sycophantic nature of the military dictatorship was recently confirmed when butt polisher Somyos Pumpanmuang was chosen “unanimously” by the National Police Policy Commission to be the new national police chief. The Dictator was in charge […]

At The Nation it was recently reported that the “the RULING JUNTA has allocated [5-year] Bt1.3 billion to enhance national reconciliation at the village level through the Department of Provincial Administration under supervision of the Interior Ministry – one of its biggest reconciliation [sic.] outlays so far.” We have those words in capitals to emphasize […]

For those who haven’t yet seen it, Andrew MacGregor Marshall’s primer on the Thai crisis [clicking opens an 18-page PDF] short and succinct, is a must read. We just present the first paragraph as a taste: Thailand has been engulfed by an intractable political conflict that has enfeebled the economy, eroded the quality of governance […]

Readers will perhaps find some interest in a report in where Ben Case looks at the Thai political crisis-cum-coup-cum-military dictatorship in global context. In Thailand, a political crisis with global implications is a long article, so PPT only reproduces some choice bits and pieces. Case is introduced as: a political organizer and activist from […]

Wassana Nanuam at the Bangkok Post, who sometimes sounds like a military cheerleader, has a flawed account of General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s elevation to prime minister following a very quick sign-off by the king. Thailand’s 29th prime minister received the “royal command” in a ceremony at army headquarters. The Dictator is now “commander of the army, […]

It is quite clear that the answer to this is that Thailand is now controlled by bunch of crooks. A reader has pointed out an Asia Sentinel article from a couple of days ago, where its necessarily anonymous correspondent brings together some of the factual reports of the past few years that confirm the criminality […]

Several reports in various media refer to 26 persons in Khon Kaen, arrested and held in detention since 23 May, being indicted by a military court “on charges including weapon possession and conspiring to commit terrorism.” PPT has long expressed reservations about this military dictatorship claim that there was a “Khon Kaen plot” or a […]


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